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Kakadu & Rye 
Our take on a traditionally whiskey-based Manhattan, the Kakadu & Rye reverses the ratios of the classic cocktail to highlight our Kakadu Plum Wine. If you don’t have Rye Whiskey, do not stress – most whiskeys will work with this one!  

40mL Kakadu Plum Wine
20mL Rye Whiskey
2 dash Orange Bitters 

Stir with ice, strain.

Kakadu Plum Slipper 
If you are looking for something with a kick of citrus, try our take on the Japanese Slipper, a Melbourne classic dating back to 1984.

30mL Kakadu Plum Wine
30mL Cointreau
30mL Lemon Juice 

Shake with ice, strain.

Wine & Wine    
For the more adventurous, our wine highball is a versatile spritz. Perfect as a winter warmer or summer cooler, most red wines will do the trick in this one.

45mL Kakadu Plum Wine
30mL Red Wine

Combine Kakadu Plum Wine and Red Wine in glass, fill half with ice, top with soda.

Honey Bee
Simple and warm. Any kind of honey will work in this one - simply mix 1 part honey with 2 parts warm tap water to combine into syrup. Adding extra ice will mellow this out. 

30mL Macadamia
30mL Whiskey
15mL Honey Syrup (1 part honey : 2 parts warm tap water)

Combine all ingredients in glass with ice, stir.

A vegan, sweet and zesty dessert cocktail with our Macadamia a star fill-in for cream. 

40mL Limoncello
30mL Macadamia
30mL Lemon Juice
20mL Licor 43

Shake with ice, strain.

Our take on an Espresso Martini, and then some. 

45mL Macadamia
30mL Brandy
30mL Espresso
15mL Sugar Syrup

Shake with ice, strain.

Sea Martini
Turn your Dirty Martini up to 11.

75mL Gin
15mL Golden Kelp

Stir with ice, strain.