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Our second creation is a silky vegan cream-based liqueur paying homage to Macadamia (kindal-kindal / boombera) nuts.

The idea to create an Australian, dairy-free version of an Irish whiskey and cream liqueur began as a dinner table conversation. In late 2020, after countless experiments with different plant-based milks, we started to think there was a genuine possibility we could bring this dinner conversation liquid to life.

Macadamias were a key part of our testing and naturally stood out thanks to their incredibly smooth texture and creamy colour. The resulting liquid they produced was no different. The Macadamia provided a beautiful, rich base for this liqueur – and with the addition of nutty, chocolatey roasted Wattleseed, it found it’s final form.

We decided to source our Macadamia nuts through Macadamias Australia. Their farms are located in the Bundaberg Region of Queensland on Gooreng Gooreng land. They are a carbon negative grower that implements multiple best practises including an active Indigenous bee (trigona carbonaria) program designed to support native biodiversity. They also produce absolutely delicious nuts!

We source our Wattleseed through The Australian Superfood Co. They support the production of native ingredients through their Native Harvest Initiative, where they work directly with Indigenous communities and produce farmers to help scale their operations and increase the production of native crops. 

This liqueur is lovely on its own over a few cubes of ice. The lightness and absence of curdle-prone dairy also makes it a versatile, vegan-friendly cocktail ingredient (ideas here!)

Batch 01

170 bottles only (30 sold with clay cup)
700mL / 17% alc.
Bottled 26/09/21
Sold out

Ceramics by Tina Thorburn (Clay by Tina)
Label artwork by Nickolla Clark, 2021 - ‘Ngalingaa Jagun gunuul’ - We belong to this country

'This painting represents our connection to Country as Arakwal people; this country is sacred and ancient. We have abundant, vast coastlines of wetlands, clay heath and rainforest meeting the sea. Byron Bay’s traditional name is ‘Cavanbah’ – the meeting place of the Bundjalung nation. This is represented within the piece around the sacred meeting sites and people gathering amongst the our national parks. For Arakwal and many Bundjalung people would all gather and celebrate here on my country for lore, trading, ceremony, birth, marriage and cultural exchanges. My people are coastal people, hunter-gatherers who would gather and move all across country during our seasonal changes. This is why our rainforest is so important to keep clean and healthy as it sustains us for many different times of the year. My nan and her sisters fought hard to preserve and protect Country.They were dedicated to claiming our Native Title over country and, working alongside national parks and marine parks, created the beautiful aspects and hold the cultural values of Country in our reserves. Their hard work was monumental in the conservation and management of our Traditional land and sea Country, alongside being recognise as Traditional Owners and First Nations of this country, Arakwal Country.

Lets keep Country clean, healthy and abundant for many more years by caring for Country.' 

Batch 02

340 bottles only (50 sold with clay cup)
700mL / 17% alc.
Bottled 28/03/22
Available here.

Ceramics by Tina Thorburn (Clay by Tina)
Label artwork by Nickolla Clark, 2022 - ‘Garimaa Guung Jagun’ - Respect Water Country

‘This painting is a reminder to respect our waterways. Arakwal Country has many bodies of waters from our coastal wetlands and rivers to fresh water creeks and sea Country. Water sustained my people in many ways from drinking to birthing to processing our foods. All these areas are highly valued and culturally significant for my people and wider Bundjalung. The painting represents the life and movement of our creeks on Country. The creek is centre of the artwork surrounded by people meeting on Country. My nan and her sister encouraged everyone to keep Country clean and healthy, to always care for Country – this includes our sacred and resourceful waterways.'