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Forward Drinking - Macadamia - Batch 02
Macadamia - Batch 02 - 340 Bottles Only
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Macadamia - Batch 02 - 340 Bottles Only

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Our second creation is a silky vegan cream-based liqueur paying homage to Macadamia (kindal-kindal / boombera) nuts.

We sourced our Macadamia nuts through Macadamias Australia. Their farms are located in the Bundaberg Region of Queensland on Gooreng Gooreng land. They are a carbon negative grower that implements multiple best practises including an active Indigenous bee (trigona carbonaria) program supporting native biodiversity.

We sourced our Wattleseed through The Australian Superfood Co. They support the production of native ingredients through their Native Harvest Initiative, where they work directly with Indigenous communities and produce farmers to help scale their operations and increase the production of native crops.

This limited edition release is 1 of 340, labelled with a painting specially made for this project by Nickolla Clark.

Vegan friendly, dairy free. Please always shake this product before serving as natural separation will occur over time. Once opened this product will keep at room temperature.

Contains Macadamia nuts.

The profits from this project go directly to our endorsed organisations.

17% alc.
Batch 02 (340 bottles)
Bottled 28/03/22
Label artwork by Nickolla Clark

For ideas on how to drink, please visit our recipes page.

The full story behind our Macadamia including Nickolla Clark's artist statement can be found here.